Welcome Cure India

Cureindia is a pharmaceutical company having operation in india .As a company We are doing good sales.

We have a good manufacturing unit and well equipped R & D.

we are the basic drug Manufactures We are marketing our molecules like i) Paracetomol tablet 650 and ii) Paracetomol sy250 mg iii) cefpodoxime tablets 50mg, Dt,100mg Dt and 200mg and iv) Cefpodoxine dry sy. V) Aceclofence + Paracetomol vi) Aceclofence + Paracetomol + Serriatiopeptidase vii) Rabeperzole tablet viii) Iron supplement ix) Anti-oxidant x) pre and Probiotic Capsule xi) Montelukast + levofloxacacin xii) Amoxycilin Dicloxacilin tablet xiii) Evofioxacin 250mg & 500mg tablet xiv) Anti cold tablet the combination of Paracetamol + Caffine +Cpm + Phenylephrine xv) Anti cold sy the combination of Cpm + Phenylephrine.

Our manufacture are we lab, altar healthcare, life care, they are having very good R&D. they are basic drug manufacture of all the above said molecules. They can make tablets, syrup & Softgeltn capsules and sachets

The motive of our company cures india healthcare is health for all in this universes.